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The Power of Music

What is that I hear? Is it a melody? Is it harmony? Is it words that have come “alive”?

This is what is commonly known as this thing called music. Some have said that music soothes the soul. Some have said that music inspires. Some have said that music fosters concentration, and some have said that music brings people together. Music is all of these things and arguably so much more. That’s cool and everything, but you may wonder what any of this has to do with education, leadership or even our lives in a broader sense. We invite you to explore with us the ways music is a force in our lives.

Consider waiting rooms, elevators, and medical examination rooms. These spaces are often occupied by individuals dealing with some level of anxiety. To dissipate those nerves and soothe the occupants, music is the antidote. Places of worship use music as a conduit for worshipers to reach an elevated state of mind. Spas rely on music to calm and relax patrons as part of a holistic experience. Music has power. Perhaps music’s most magical power is its ability to stimulate memory and transport the listener back in time to a childhood lullaby, a campfire song, a favorite concert, or a first dance.

Much like the well-known TV commercial asks, “What’s in your wallet?”, we ask, “What’s on your playlist?” So often in life, upon meeting new individuals and forming relationships with them it’s been the common appreciation for certain musical genres, artists and even specific songs that acted as the adhesive to form a bond. When an individual shares a playlist, they share a personal glimpse into themselves and the specifics of what “makes the cut.” A playlist says much about a person. In short, a playlist symbolizes part of our identity. We have playlists for different parts of our lives. We have them for studying, the gym, cookouts with family and friends, times of individual deep reflection, and times of being motivated to pursue our best lives. Each playlist, although different, speaks to our core beings, our DNA, and what some would call our “musical identities”. Music is a form of expression, but even more so it is how we convey who we see ourselves as.

So, what’s the connection between music and education? One of the missteps in the education profession can be in seeing learning purely from a cognitive perspective. When we consider a more holistic approach, we can see music as the layer that can impact mood and enhance deep meaningful connections. To ignore the potential benefits of music, is to miss an opportunity to “settle the soul”. We ask you to consider the following questions and reply in the comments to share with our #PLN.

How does music settle your soul?

How do you settle your students’ souls?

What music makes the cut for your “settle the soul” playlist?


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