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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

You are informed by Science: Research-based. Data-driven. Action research oriented. Data-compiler. Assessor. Analyst. Adjuster.

You are scientific: Experimental. Systematic. Explanatory. Methodical. Evidence-based.

You are a scientist: Indeed, you are connecting intellect and theory with application and practice as you discover, determine, and deduce.

From observation through prediction, you are working the methods of Science.


You are an artist.

With your inherent creativity and an art kit filled with supplies like state content standards, best-practice rubrics, Thinking Pathways, technology, curricular resources, real-world application ideas, the nearest colleague(s) and...and...and...and…

You paint or sing or dance or code or sketch or compose or stitch or play.

With the canvas of a young mind fresh on your own, you create. Once there was nothing, but now there is something. Sure, it will adapt, adjust, tweak, revise, modify, and change. Sure, you will try it one way at 9:00am and another at 2:00pm. Sure, you may even need to try it differently at both times again tomorrow. Nevertheless, you are an artist involved in the fine art of creation.

Create engaging learning experiences that make the hair stand on the back of your neck, because you think, “This might not work.”

Create engaging learning experiences that turn learners into social media marketers as they race to Instagram to promote your class to their followers.

Create engaging learning experiences that cause even the most skeptical colleague to ask, “How’d you come up with that?”

You are a scientist, and you are an artist.

So, use your art kit well...especially the zipper colored pencil bag that contains the nearest colleague(s). Dig deep into your inherent creativity whether you feel it or not...

and finally, Create.


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