What is a Nohea Bootcamp?

Nohea Bootcamps are filled with our high impact Simplifi Clarifi Amplifi strategies and specifically designed for those who want to simplify operations and provide incredible clarity in order to amplify their results.    


When can I start?

Whenever it works best for you! All of our consults, presentations and bootcamps align and follow a simple logical sequence.

Not sure about the length of the bootcamp? 

Choose the shortest bootcamp and then decide whether you would like to go on to a longer version. Each bootcamp builds off the previous learning.

You’d find it helpful to have someone else in your office or school join us in a meeting? No problem at all! Simply let us know what you’d like to accomplish ahead of time and we will plan for this. We welcome any kind of collaboration that will help you learn or implement better. We’d love to meet your friends and are very willing to modify your 1:1 sessions to meet your needs.

You’d like a mix of in-person and online? No worries! We can easily put something together that begins with your needs. We can do combinations of individual and group presentations, consults and bootcamps to fit your needs. We also love to save you money by filling our schedules in locations where we are already presenting. If you are flexible in your dates and prefer some or all of our work to be in person, contact us and we will pass on every bit of savings to you if we are already presenting in your area. 

Quick Questions and I’m Free Calendar

We are very passionate about what we do and want you understand every piece and step as you simplify, clarify and amplifi your leadership.  If you have a quick question or need a bit of clarity, you can go to our I’m Free calendar.

*I’m Free:  I’m available AND there’s no cost to you!



1 HOUR School Secretary Bootcamp

Ready to amplify your toolkit with powerful new skills?  Maybe you’d like to choose one skill every few months, or start with a 1 hour bootcamp and then check out our other learning options. 


The power of a kind voice and a warm smile are essential. These are the “soft skills” we all possess as human beings. When secretaries team these skills with exceptional organizational skills and habits, everyone in the school wins. 


The school office can seem much like the main terminal in an airport, where the school secretary becomes the ultimate traffic controller. 

Principal & Secretary Bootcamp

Do you know of any exceptional leaders with poor management skills? Do you know of any outstanding schools that have poor communications and largely ineffective meetings? 


Neither do we. 

Easily-implemented structural pieces like our Bring Forward System, effective meeting strategies and other Simplifi. Clarifi.Amplifi tools quickly become powerful habits that will build leadership capacity and contribute to a positive culture.

Twitter/Tweetdeck PLN Bootcamp

Why build a Twitter PLN? What even is a PLN? Twitter chats are a great way to collaborate with educators all over the world and tend to spark conversations and sharing that is quite unimaginable to those who are yet to hashtag with a purpose. 


Tweetdeck will change your professional learning experience by simplifying and organizing your chats, interests, and favorite follows. You will definitely learn to better follow people and interests, and experience how this free and easy tool will organize topics, chats, hashtags, and notifications.


You will have the opportunity to be coached and prepared to engage in a live chat with our friends in #waledchat, #saskedchat and #822chat. We can even ensure at least one of us is there to make you feel more comfortable. 


You can expect to leave feeling completely comfortable with Tweetdeck and with a toolbox full of chats, great follows and #protips that will make even your most Twitteriffic chatty friends jealous.


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