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"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

Hans Hofmann


 Proud Mamma Bear and Wife     Elementary Principal in Dual-Track (English/French) School Dedicated to learners and those blessed to work with them.

Superintendent of New Castle County Vo-Tech SD 

Former award-winning H.S. Principal 

Husband to an incredible 1st grade teacher, & father to 3 amazing boys.

An educator, a proud doctoral student, assistant principal, and mother of 4 who is interested in promoting effective learning, collaboration and technology practices in the classroom.

Teacher. Writer. Coach.

2015 IACTE Outstanding Beginning Teacher.

Founder of The New Teacher Masterminds.

Blogger at http://teacheroffduty.com.

Husband, Father, Intl Head of School, Ph.D student 

Host of Dismissed presented by DisruptEd TV #teachfinlit


MEd  Science Teacher

Google Certified Educator Seesaw Buncee Wakelet Listenwise

#EduMatch #pln365 #NGSS #4OCFPLN Aspiring Google Innovator


Teacher Entrepreneur Wife    MamaBear of 4 Traveller

 Kindness Spreader

Lifelong Learner 


A Principal with a Lead Learner focus on helping others to collectively grow and learn from each other. http://leadlearnerperspectives.com

Chief Academic Officer 

educator sports mom 

Pewaukee, WI

Educator, Associate Superintendent, a teacher’s wife & mom of 2 teens. Interested in all things education. Love travel, cooking, music,

and the outdoors.

Asst. Superintendent

Co-Author of Candid and Compassionate Feedback & #PassionateLeadership 

Chief Officer @TSH302

Podcast: #onethingseries


Superintendent of Westwood ISD

Approach every task as though it were the moment that will define you.

Founder of Organized Binder


High school teacher 

edtech enthusiast 

Married to @HeidiChappotin 


Leadership Learner  

Culture Developer

STEAM Educator @ACUedu & @UTArlington grad Rapper 


Teacher of 5th graders.

Facilitator of world changers.

Life long learner, listener, creator, committed to making a difference.

Teacher of Sixth Graders. Advocate of Public Education. Explorer of the Natural World Team 

@UnisonEDU #UnisonEDU 

#DENAmb #Red4Ed

Host of the category defining #podcast for #education 

#leadership available on @applepodcasts & @spotify 

coaching world-class school leaders #blbs#mastermind


Team3 at Union Elementary STEM

• Teacher Leader

• ELA Demonstration Classroom

Petite spitfire, passionate educator, instructional coordinator, lifelong learner, student advocate, beautiful disaster

Learner. Educator. Creator.

Mafost Mashup: Weekly Podcast for Insanely Innovative School Leaders #OutlierEd#FuturEd #822chat


Wife. Mother of 4. NBCT, MSA. Passionate about leadership & education.

I seek to #LeadLikeLincoln as I #ChaseImpact#LexiaLearning UT Project Manager


Instructional Tech Specialist in Brenham, TX. Contributor for #bisdwired #txed #freshthoughtedu & @edcampgrow 

Member: @BISDwiredTeam@FreshThoughtEdu




passionately positive educator advocate of all things nerdy

#KYGoDigital #LeadLAP #JoyfulLeaders


Father of four, life-long learner, ND Alumnus, EdD, Assistant Principal @PflugervilleHS #HaveCourageBeKind#BeThatTeacher#OneStepEDU


A Voice For The People

ENTJ • Leader

• Speaker • Learner 

 @DisruptEdTV @ACEedu 

Alum #ThatsImpactTheWrightWay



EduLeader. EdTechie. Digital Disciple. Writer. Speaker. Tech Mentor. Innovator. Lifelong Learner. Assistant Director @ National Catholic Educational Association


husband, father, #PhD candidate, 

#educational #consultant,

Founder of #myPDtoday & @saskedchat

UofR sessional lecturer, published at @synapsepub



Canada ~ Lloydminster ~ Alberta

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