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February 2020

I just applied for graduation for my graduate program! Masters in Educational Technology Leadership + my Administration certification! Last class ends April 6, 2020!!!!

Reaching one's dreams often involves a series of smaller steps that leads to bigger changes - developing skills to make bigger shifts - paying attention to small details to see the bigger picture. Every day is a PD day!

Servant leadership is about the cause, NOT the applause!! Focus on the right outcome. via Stay Positive

December 2019

Making changes, exercising influence, pushing boundaries, even helping people... ...all of it almost always creates conflict. Deciding to make a difference is only the hard part; actually doing the work to make a difference is the harder part.

To remove barriers, I focus on being a “Multiplier” and watch out for situations where I am being an “Accidental Diminisher.”

Check out the EPIC conversation with @TheWrightLeader🔥
Give it a listen and be inspired to CONNECT, IMPACT, and SCALE like never before.

Your voice MATTERS.

November 2019

It’s fairly common to see confidence being considered a school value. It’s far less common to see humility. That one should probably make the list, too. Confidence without humility is arrogance.

There’s a field somewhere beyond all doubt and wrong doing. 
I’ll meet you there.

Whether you’re dealing with a parent, a teacher, or a ten-year-old, the same is true – people want to be heard, valued, and included in finding paths forward.


All leaders collaborate, listen to all stakeholders & weigh all options. Great leaders are able to discern which options to capitalize on! 

October 2019


It's all about the district culture & community that you build for your students. Your attitude MATTERS!

Watch this powerful message:


Platinum Trust Cards!!!

PBIS system to facilitate life-ready skills development for students.


There are times we may need to unlearn if we want to make progress. How often to do you reflect on whether you may need to step back & relearn in order to grow & develop?

Every day is a PD day.


Be kind. Be a helper. Be supportive. Be a good listener. Be someone to laugh with. Be an encourager. Be a team player. Work hard. Do what is best for kids. 

My goals, everyday.

Be the person you want to work with.


Winning teams have members who put themselves aside for the good of the team. Our path. Our greatness. Let's go!

September 2019


Management includes these important skill sets ...


Principals, a quick email to parents this time of the year on a Friday can be warming: “Dear Parents, thank you for sending your precious cargo ... We love & support them. We’re a team. Let us know if you need anything.”


Every day is a PD day!

August 2019

I recently covered these tables with dry erase contact paper. WHY did I not do this sooner?! It increases engagement and makes formative assessments quick and easy!

Educators, Your past does not define you. This school year, take a moment to start fresh … drive your "WHY" throughout the rest of the year.

Culture crafting means being intentional about what you are building. Seth Godin says "you get the culture you deserve." Don't let your culture be built by accident.

Talented leaders resist the urge to solve everyone’s problems. They coach and empower others to solve their own. We should strive to create more leaders, not followers.

July 2019

#GroovEDU a podcast in-tune with the rhythm of learning


10 minutes, 3 questions, 1 educator.

My favorite learning this year is that if everything is important, nothing is important. We become what we prioritize, and we choose every day in our small habits to be busy or to be productive. What’s worth your energy?

I see myself as a professional and believe professional attire goes along with that. HOWEVER, part of being a professional is having the autonomy to decide if casual attire is needed for whatever activity is going on with my students, or even for my own wellbeing!


I believe that each day is an opportunity to learn and develop - being aware of opportunity opens people up to actively participate in their professional learning - Every day is a PD day.

Highly responsive leaders get back to people as soon as possible. It sure is challenging and time consuming to respond to hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters daily and people truly appreciate our efforts to reply promptly.

I didn't want the cookie cutter presentation from every single student.  I wanted them to have a choice, and to be creative!

5 tips you can use this week to build a powerful school culture and prevent a toxic school culture.

Trust is the through line from idea to action, from goals to growth, from failures to success.

Saying no to good things allows the time, space, and mental bandwidth to do great things.

We have an open door/email policy. Students have the traditional means of working with student government to amplify voice, but they also feel very comfortable emailing or checking in with Ts and admin to address their concerns or ideas for student safety.

Positivity that refuses to give into the forces of mediocrity is hard, hard work. 
So difficult, it requires daily discipline and an uncommon level of commitment.​

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