What is my Nohea Eduleader Mastermind commitment?

Use the following as a commitment guide, but note that we will seek feedback from our masterminds and make minor adjustments through the year:

  • We meet weekly, taking breaks throughout the year: Thanksgiving week (USA), two weeks of winter holidays, and the months of July through September. When life happens, you can feel free to miss a meeting.

  • Your growth and the growth of the mastermind is certainly tied to your contributions, so if you can’t prioritize 1-2 hours per week for a mastermind, then it’s best not to apply.

  • Meetings are 45 mins, with an optional 10-15 minutes of pre/post informal chat

  • We listen to/read a book every 4 months and discuss excerpts as part of the meetings. We will ship you all the materials and downloads. You will always have a choice between printed, digital or audio versions - whatever works best for you!

  • You have included monthly options to work directly with us via Zoom

  • There is an ongoing Voxer chat (we will teach you and you will love it!)


What is included in a Nohea Eduleader membership?

  • 1 meeting per week: 1 hour with a 15 min optional prechat and postchat

  • 4 book discussions of practical and positive choices: books and all materials are included and audio-books will be offered when available

  • 30 minutes per month, savable and stackable, to work directly with Aubrey via Zoom or other identified ways that might serve you better.

  • An ongoing chat to seek support, share ideas, and exchange resources

  • Simplifi, Clarifi, Amplifi weekly lessons, tips, and resources

  • A common drive of sharable resources and training for G Suite tools

  • Optional Conference Meetings at FETC and other locales as identified by the group**

  • Options to book additional quick sessions for yourself or your team at no cost from our I’m Free* calendar

*I’m Free = I’m available AND there’s no cost to you ever!

**conference fees and travel expenses not included


When are the Nohea Eduleader Masterminds?

Each mastermind has a specific day and time zone. Weekly team meetings are scheduled at the following times: *

Nohea Eduleaders Team 1    Tuesdays    @ 6pm PST/  7pm CST/ 9pm EST

Nohea Eduleaders Team 2    Thursdays   @ 4pm PST/  5pm CST/ 7pm EST


*There may be other days or times that simply work better than our current selections; if you are interested but are unable to commit to these times, we would be thrilled to receive feedback that helps us schedule to meet your needs and are very willing to offer additional masterminds.


What is the introductory offer of a Nohea Eduleader Mastermind?

Beginning in 2020, membership will be $250/month or $2000/year (9 months). Ideally, members won’t need to invest out-of-pocket and are covered by their school/district.


Introductory Offer: We seek members who will offer feedback and might like to experiment with a few optional technologies and offerings in 2019-2020. Members who begin during the 2019-2020 school year will pay a deeply discounted rate of $150/month or $1200/year. As an additional thank you for being early adopters, if you develop an interest in creating your own mastermind, we will support you with resources and facilitator training. You may even be asked to lead your own Nohea Mastermind in the future.  


We will work with individuals or employers with invoicing and flexible payment plans that align best with budgets. Payment is accepted via credit card or Paypal

(Prefer another method of payment? We will figure out something together.)



Why is the start date October 1?  

We suspect you have a role that involves supporting others, and your own priorities move to the side of your desk in August and September. Most likely, this is the case in all months. We’ve been there and want you to have time to start your school year and get into a bit of a groove. You will have lots of information and plenty of time to schedule your mastermind times into your schedule to hit the ground running in October.


Can I move from one kind of mastermind or time slot into another?  

Yes. As long as there is room in the mastermind you’d like to enter.  We want this to work for you and we realize your personal or professional circumstances may create a need to change things up a bit.


What if I would like some additional 1:1 coaching or in-person supports?

We would be thrilled to hear from you!  Just send us a message and we will get back to you very quickly to customize a program based upon your individual or team needs. But remember, if it is just a quick question or you need a bit of clarity, you can always go to our I’m Free Calendar.

*I’m Free:  I’m available AND there’s no cost to you ever!


Can I invite someone join us in a 1:1 session?

Yes. Simply let us know what you’d like to accomplish and we will plan for this. If this will help you learn or implement better, we’d love to meet your friends and are very willing to modify your 1:1 sessions to meet your needs.



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