You are THE Thing

amplifi Jan 02, 2020
When I interviewed for my current position, I had to present professional development on student engagement. I thought about the many articles and research I’ve interacted with. I thought about the hundreds of books that filled the shelves of our district professional library. I thought about the hours I’d spent in professional development sessions trying to learn the next best thing for kids. And then I thought about the thing that has the greatest impact on engagement and learning.
I took small boxes, placed the thing inside, and asked teachers to guess. They all guessed research-based strategies with evidence-based outcomes. But not one guessed what was really inside. At the end of the presentation, teachers unwrapped the packages to find a mirror. Because as educators, we ARE the thing.
When I first started teaching, kids liked me. I always thought it was because I was young and they saw me as relatable. I thought I would...
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