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amplifi clarifi simplifi Oct 02, 2020
We don't subscribe to playing armchair psychologist, but given our number one goal is to remove obstacles for aspiring leaders, we've seen patterns. We all know that our beliefs, worries, and everything that is swimming in our heads will generally dictate our actions. In Nohea, we operate under an assumption that we all have a home base, a place we usually return to when things get scary or go bad; some go to a working home base, many to a worrying space, others land in an angry place, and a few go to a determined mindset. 
We're optimistic around here and believe our home base or mindset is conditioned by experiences and quite malleable. We've found that one of the greatest obstacles to building a more positive mindset home base is a lack of clarity.
When times are tough, we need to simplify our problems, perceived or real, and find a clear pathway to move forward. Pathways give direction and hope. Leaders must offer clear pathways, and when obstacles present themselves, it is up to the leader to declutter the noise and remove them.
When we are leading others in these very difficult and downright scary times, we need to offer clarity. Clarity, even to the point of redundancy is our best opportunity to provide a pathway and help those we serve to better filter any noise that only adds to the confusion and a negative home base.  

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