clarifi Dec 14, 2020

If you are familiar with yearly visits to the eye doctor, you’ve certainly heard,  “Better HERE - one? Or HERE - two? One? Or Two?”

The optometrist questioned me at a rapid-fire pace and I was a bit disoriented in my reply.

I typically don’t mind any other part of an eye examination, but this one always perplexes me. The disparity between the lenses is ever so slight, and yet I KNOW it can make a positive change in my prescription if I make the right decision.

This prescription is my catalyst for better eyesight. 

The CATALYST to clarity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to CLARIFY things with such little effort? If our next moves were just as simple as the binary choice between “One or Two?”, and the path was uncomplicated and undemanding?

How can we routinely CLARIFY our lives with skillful proficiency and confidence like we do when looking through those FIXED, adjusted lenses? Think for a moment about what exactly it would take to be an active participant and contributor to gain the necessary access that would be essential for this GROWTH MINDSET. 


C - Capsize fear. Fear is anticipated daily. It has quickly become one of the struggles that we yearn to release, yet continue to intensify and build up with uneasiness. Let that imbalance topple as you allow it to plummet down and out of your life. 

L - Loosen your grip. Our white-knuckled hold on life can choke out even the most effortless breaths. Learn to trust yourself to let go of criticizing those perceived inadequacies. They simply do not exist. Take steps to embrace your emotions with an untethered grasp, exhale, and surrender.

A - Approach your purpose. Honor and acknowledge who you are and why you are here. You don’t have to have all of the answers but you can confidently explore what you love to do and how you want to do those things. 

R - Refine intentions. Your course of action should include those finishing touches that are distinctively designed to set you apart from the crowd. Build your unique blueprint. Polish the rough edges with accuracy and excellence to SHINE.

I - Instill awareness. Develop the capacity to acknowledge your perception of positive beliefs and hopefulness. Celebrate your mindfulness and appreciate your worth rather than resist it. 

F - Find positive possibilities. Value adaptability as you welcome the changes that will require clarity in your life. Look fixedly at life as if it were a treasure hunt and seek to embrace the potential keys to unlock your future endeavors. 

Y - Yearn for JOY. Anticipate it. Long for it. Set your heart on it. Don’t lose sight of your VISION by keeping JOY in front of you, not behind you. Purposefully crave what you desire and never let it slip away.

CLARIFY...clear the path. Press forward to better define your tangible ideas and dreams as a catalyst to self-respect and restoring faith in yourself.


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