amplifi Aug 24, 2020

I was recently asked to participate in a chat that asked how I could amplify my small voice in regards to speaking up and out about beginning to integrate anti-racism, inclusion, and equity issues into my classroom and expand that to the local community. Seemed like an easy inquiry to answer as I had always thought to “amplify” meant to speak louder and to be bolder.


But it wasn’t.


It seemed a bit too easy and shallow to offer up a pat answer that I could give to satisfy the question without any real thought.


One thing I love about the neurological complexity of the brain is that it senses when basic information is just not enough to satisfy the deeper thinking core of our humanness. It is often what drives us into that slow, rational, deliberate, and often reflective way to respond. I decided to take each letter of this word and see if I could create a more multifaceted definition on my own. What I discovered was that “amplify” took on a whole new meaning beyond the transitive explanation into a new significance that became purposeful to ponder.


Ultimately, I no longer felt I was in the shallow end of the pool and these organic visualizations had turned into a blueprint that would allow me to go deeper:


A - Adapt to change. NO one enjoys change, especially major change. Seek to respond and adjust to new conditions instead of reacting, allowing a wider aperture to see the bigger picture with light and clarity.

MMagnify the positives. Have you ever sat back after stressful circumstances or situations only to extrapolate things that brought joy and peace from them? Listen and reflect on past experiences. Don’t allow that black cloud to shrink your positives. Unquestionably, chase after optimism. 

PProclaim your mission. Think about your purpose in life, your calling, and your life’s work. Know what you represent with confidence and declare it to others. You never know what power your words have unless you speak them.

LLessen your burden. That trial or hardship is not yours to carry alone. Find the right team around you to help alleviate the heftiness of the load. Often there are people who are waiting to minimize that pressure if only we ask with grace.

IIntensify your passion. There is nothing like that strong desire for conviction and fervor that propels you forward to see worthwhile results. Passions can change through your life’s journey, yet when they are amplified and acknowledged, they create fulfillment beyond measure.

F - Fervently share sincerity. Be real. Be genuine, credible, and humble. Share that demonstrably as you listen and learn with a growth mindset. Treat others with positive regard and ardent consideration. It goes a long way.

Y - Yesterday is behind you. Leave it behind. It is done. Put that weight down and move towards an unblemished tomorrow. When we are reminded that there is a fresh grace and mercy waiting for us to reap, our humanity will gather those traits with forbearance to start again.



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