Shouldn't a Strength Make You Stronger?

amplifi Feb 11, 2021

Is there something that you do well that you really can't stand doing?

I was a principal and superintendent for sixteen years, and I think most people felt I did a good job, helped build people up, and cared a great deal about them. I always carried good weather into any meeting, including the most negative situations, and everyone knew I was calm and strong in a disagreement.

I heard from a lot that people who were happy I had their backs in an argument. At times, compliments delivered with kindness can make us cringe.

I'm happy to have left that part of me behind.

I don't consider being good in conflict a strength. I see it as embittering expertise.

“When people’s talent does not match their dreams and they fail to recognize it, they will be forever working but never winning.” (John Maxwell)

Is being good at something synonymous with strength?

Certainly, there are times we have to do some things that we don't want to do. Such talents might be a strength for the organization, but it seems entirely unfair to knowingly exact this toll on ourselves or those we lead day after day.

Perhaps it's as simple as defining strength as something that strengthens and ask ourselves, "If I climb this ladder of success, am I going to like the view when I get to the top?"

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