Reflection Turns Experience into Insight

amplifi Jun 08, 2021

How do you evaluate yourself? 

Most of us overthink this sometimes frightening word and we are often our toughest critics when we make a mistake. 

Many claim to be proponents of a growth mindset and offer phrases like fail forward and becoming is better than being quite generously to their friends and family. 

And of course, that's a good thing, but we typically aren't so kind to ourselves. 

Three reflective questions can help us become better at learning from our missteps and ensure that we acknowledge our successes too. 

When we are trying to learn a new habit, we greatly increase our chances of success by habit-stacking a new habit to one that already exists. It would be so simple to take two minutes to reflect daily while clearing our workspace, driving home, or brushing our teeth.

How did I add value to others?

What did I learn?

What do I love?

The greatest way to maximize what you've done is to evaluate it. (Maxwell)

These three questions, asked consistently, are a powerful and forward-thinking form of self-evaluation. 

Reflection turns our experiences into insight.

Just a little reflection, instead of a lot of dwelling upon our mistakes. 


There's a reason the windshield is bigger than the rear-view mirror. 



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