The Pre-Vacation Productivity Zone

amplifi Jan 05, 2021

You're going on vacation.

Suddenly, you're crushing your things-to-do lists, sending quick and clear emails, and crumpling post-its like a pro!

Most of us get in a zone in the days leading up to a self-imposed finish line.


Certainly, we may be buoyed by increased optimism and energy, but it's not the actual vacation that drives productivity. Rather, we're driven to close as many open loops as possible to better enjoy the time on vacation and satisfy other desires like returning to a fresh start.

The pre-vacation productivity zone may feel a little frantic, but thoughts of that finish line and the impending sense of accomplishment provide an extra gear.

I'll feel good about this trip, once I'm in the car.

I will take a breath when I get through security.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to operate with these finally in the car or through security feelings every day?

Without the hurried pace?

There is a way.

Time-blocking is a lead domino, along with a 15-minute Friday meeting with myself to scan, move, and add priorities for the upcoming week.

A lead domino?

What's the one thing we can do right now to make all other things easier or unnecessary? (Gary Keller)

Give ourselves a finish line every week.

The meeting with myself is both this week's finish line and the starting blocks for next week.

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