One Intentional Move

amplifi Mar 04, 2021

Somewhere a university student is working hard at his computer, hoping to be considered for a teaching position that will allow him to guide students to be all that they can be.

Somewhere a teacher is staring blindly at the screen, thinking about beginning her journey to become an administrator and lead a school one day soon. 

Somewhere countless people are facing an impending retirement, uncertain and searching countless blogs about how to make a contribution with the next phase of their lives.

This is today.

But what about tomorrow morning?

Will these people sit in the same chair, looking at the same screen, with the same positive aspirations? 

Any of us can find ourselves in a rut and a forlorn déjà vu where we repeat the same habits and routines, hoping for a different outcome.

The harsh truth is that nothing will change until we change. We have to make a move.

One intentional move.

In John Maxwell's, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, the very first law is The Law of the Lid

Every one of us has a lid on our potential that is only lifted by our willingness to learn how to lead. When we take intentional action towards becoming a leader, we see the lid lifted off ourselves and what we can become.

We all have a little bit more in us - another gear. 

There's always a lead domino to get us started, that one thing that makes all other things easier and builds momentum for you and those you serve.

One intentional move today might be all it takes to make you a different kind of leader tomorrow.

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