We Don't Have To Be Nutella

simplifi May 22, 2021

Do you find yourself saying yes to helping people when deep down you know you should say no?

Taking care of others isn't just something we like doing; it is in the DNA of an effective office team. 


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. (Mahatma Gandhi)


We're wired to say yes as individuals and certainly, we want a culture where everyone is eager to support one another. 

We can still lose ourselves in the service of others by saying no to those few who go beyond what we value. 

Whether real-life or social media, chasing likes would be exhausting. 

And shouldn't we make decisions based upon principles and not preferences?

We don’t have to be Nutella. 

Not everyone needs to like us.

And what is the value of our yes, if we never say no?


Saying no to what's wrong means saying yes more often to what's right. 



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