amplifi simplifi May 15, 2021

Have you ever sat in a meeting and wondered, "couldn't this have just been an email?"

We all have. 

And most certainly we've all led or contributed items in a meeting with information that could have been better delivered without a captive audience who are all facing their own time-crunches.

Of course, there are times a leader needs to deliver information or a tough message with clarity, but common sense tells us that if we're going to bring people together, in most cases, it should be for shared expertise and contribution.

Uncommon sense maybe?

Other than delivering information ahead of time in an email, there are other tools we can use. And this doesn't have to only be for big staff meetings. In fact, the battle with meetingitis can be won in small teams in offices too!

Some teachers flip their lessons. Where it makes sense, they use tools like Screencastify or Loom so their students can watch the lesson and spend time in the classroom asking questions. 

It's so easy. Especially with the Chrome extension!

This works really well for staff meetings or when a small team is going to work on something in the near future. 

Meetingitis is a thing!

Preventative medicine is always best.



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