Feeling helpless?

amplifi clarifi Apr 26, 2021

Is feeling helpless becoming routine?

It's only natural that a pandemic and the terrible events we've witnessed become hope and energy vampires. We fight the good fight each day with clarity, compassion, community, and courage.

We may feel discouraged, exhausted, lonely, and a plethora of other very real emotions, but we can't allow ourselves to feel helpless.

What we think about almost always influences what we will and won't do next. If we allow ourselves to feel helpless, we run the risk of allowing our actions will follow suit.

Thankfully, the space between feelings and actions is also ripe with opportunity.

When hope is dwindling, we can double down on being helpful.

The power of focusing on being helpful isn't in doing more, but in being mindful that even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, we continue to make a mark on the world.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you, and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you because your thoughts drive your actions. (Maxwell)

When we upload good into our world, we will begin to download a mindset that will overwhelm those feelings of helplessness.


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