build an exceptional culture and feel like the leader you've always wanted to be.

We give you and your staff information peace of mind and incredibly effective simple tools.

We provide courses,

monthly online consults, and presentations using a three-step approach

  1. Simplifi: declutter and simplify the language and focus for your staff

  2. Clarifi: create communication structures to ensure clarity, remove obstacles and check progress

  3. Amplifi: build a vibrant staff culture that quickly turns into positive results

Are you weighed down by day to day noise?

  1. Do you feel there’s always something new?

  2. Are you worried you are missing something?

  3. Do you spend insane amounts of time juggling email, messages, and meeting requests?

  4. Are meetings filled with information, with little time for important and emerging ideas?

Do you and your staff feel there’s more noise and stuff coming at you?

The beauty of Similfi, Clarifi, Amplifi

is that step 3 just happens as soon as you do steps 1 & 2...

who doesn't like a deal like this?

Do 2 and get one free!!

A key lead domino in this process is creating a school or district

Things Not To Do (Anymore) List.


Don't do this activity if you hate spontaneous hugs and smiles. 

Would you like some help decluttering all the information that keeps piling up on your staff?

We eat our own cooking!!

Every strategy and tool we teach has been tested over and over again. You can save yourself the hard lessons we learned and jump straight into feeling like you got it all under control. 


It's a great feeling!

Aubrey Patterson

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Chief Leadership Strategist, Simplexity Guru,

Educational Designer

Lori Harvie

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 Chief Innovations Officer, Technology Whiz,

Office Operations Strategist




What is a Nohea Bootcamp?

Nohea Bootcamps are filled with our high impact Simplifi Clarifi Amplifi strategies and specifically designed for those who want to simplify operations and provide incredible clarity in order to amplify their results.    


When can I start?

Whenever it works best for you! All of our consults, presentations and bootcamps align and follow a simple logical sequence.

Not sure about the length of the bootcamp? 

Choose the shortest bootcamp and then decide whether you would like to go on to a longer version. Each bootcamp builds off the previous learning.

You’d find it helpful to have someone else in your office or school join us in a meeting? No problem at all! Simply let us know what you’d like to accomplish ahead of time and we will plan for this. We welcome any kind of collaboration that will help you learn or implement better. We’d love to meet your friends and are very willing to modify your 1:1 sessions to meet your needs.

You’d like a mix of in-person and online? No worries! We can easily put something together that begins with your needs. We can do combinations of individual and group presentations, consults and bootcamps to fit your needs. We also love to save you money by filling our schedules in locations where we are already presenting. If you are flexible in your dates and prefer some or all of our work to be in person, contact us and we will pass on every bit of savings to you if we are already presenting in your area. 

Quick Questions and I’m Free Calendar

We are very passionate about what we do and want you understand every piece and step as you simplify, clarify and amplifi your leadership.  If you have a quick question or need a bit of clarity, you can go to our I’m Free calendar.

*I’m Free:  I’m available AND there’s no cost to you!



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